Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt

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Est 2010

Hello, I'm Zach, I'm 19.
This is my face.

A little glimpse inside my head.
Where it always snows, the birds are pretty, and the hearts don't ache.
Click play and start scrolling. Welcome to me.

Tycho - A Walk

Cis males make me so uncomfortable a lot of times. I don’t even know why.

I guess I can’t stand aggressiveness or any form of macho manliness around me, and it seems that so many Cis males are conditioned to act that way. Why? Why do we have to be tough and hard? Why do we have to have beards and muscles and drink beer and like sports? I don’t match up with that, I don’t identify with those traits.

So it’s almost as if cis males (even though I am one) are a different species than me - if not at least a different gender. Now, don’t get me wrong, I identify as male. I identify as straight. But I just don’t feel like I’m your average straight Cis male and it makes me feel alienated.

I hang out with girls, I talk to girls, and I try to be friends with girls because they make me feel normal I guess? I can be myself around women, whereas around men, I feel like I’m being compared to them in a negative way.

I don’t know. This has been a gender identity rant.